How to overcome decision paralysis

When faced with any big life decision it is easy to get overwhelmed. Everyone wants to make the right choices that will lead to health, happiness and success in the future. The decision to downsize the family home is not an easy one, particularly if you have lived in the house for a long time. There is no way around it, change is scary.

When faced with a major life decision like a big move some people go through what is called decision paralysis. Fear and anxiety can take over your mind making it difficult to make even the smallest decision. Here are a few tips on how to squash decision paralysis and make good, level headed decisions for your future, right now.

Make friends with the unknown

Sometimes people avoid making decisions because they are afraid of the unknown. No matter how much research you do about selling your home and where you might live all the questions will never be answered. Do as much research as you can to make an educated decision about downsizing, where you might live and the process you need to follow to get there. Any significant life change entails a bit of a leap of faith and if you allow for a bit of uncertainty it may make it easier to move forward in making important decisions for your future.

Enlist help

Maybe the idea of downsizing your home has been on your mind for a while. Fear of change and the unknown may be getting in the way of you actioning your ideas and making smart plans for the future. In this case it may be a good idea to talk to someone you trust like a friend or family member. They may have some good advice that will make the decision-making process easier and talking it out can often bring some clarity to any situation. Telling the people around you about your struggle will keep you accountable in making a final decision.

There will never be the perfect time

People often avoid making big life decisions because they are waiting for the perfect time. If you are a parent you will know that there is never the perfect time to start a family. The same goes for the decision to downsize or move to a retirement home. There will always be an excuse for not making a decision and the key is to figure out which are valid. The reality is the longer you put off making the decision the harder it will be in the long run. Stop waiting for a sign and focus your energy on best decision you can make for yourself right now.

Making the decision to downsize and all the things that go along with it can be hard. But taking that leap of faith will give you piece of mind and make sure those tough decisions are not weighing on your mind forever.

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